Oh oh there she goes…,a 1988 Burgundy and a dead cockatoo in her chill bag, Jenny claims a first, a Nuit Saint George and a Cockatoo in the same bag going to separate places. Some lucky ferrets friends of hers would inherit the road kill and we would  we would take care of the bottle.

No one had great expectations for this wine, since Jenny has carried the wine with her since her days working in Burgundy and a book would be required to illustrate the last 27 years of Jenny’s adventures. Back to the wine, after the capsule was removed, you could notice deposits around the top of the cork, not a good sign.

The cork had no dry spot wet all over, scary.

The colour was surprisingly vibrant red with just a hint of a brown edge, the nose had a hint of sweet fruit. Not corked Yippee!

The palate was rich and soft with gentle tannins on the finish.

A very good bottle that went to perfection with French goat cheese.