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December News Letter

So far we are free to move and visit and catch up with friends, lets enjoy it day by day.

We are happy that the silly season has already started and that family members are getting together to decorate their Christmas tree, perhaps a couple of weeks earlier than usual and why not. Lets celebrate until we are told otherwise.

We received a photo from Ian Trigg in Birregurra in Western Victoria just south of Collac. Ian is a fan of Wedgetail and loves his Pinot. For once as the south westerly’s were not blowing his hat off, Ian decided to enjoy the calm and spectacular sunset with a glass of 2013 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir. “Life is blessed” was a thought.

After a brief inventory of the 2013 SV Pinot Noir has revealed: nine dozens or 18 six packs left.  For an eight years old vintage, this wine is still very fresh with bright crimson colour, beautifully balance, the oak is subtle but present, It as aged beautifully.

So you know the numbers are small, don’t wait or you may miss out.

The 2013 part of our museum stock is listed at $48.00, $288.00 a six pack

Our Christmas Special to you is $210. 00 for six. If you would like a dozen just order two six pack .

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Since most of the wine making start’s in the vineyard, in was imperative to choose a site that would offer as much complexity and diversity as possible. Single vineyard wines are more at the mercy to their terroire than regional blend. To preserve the single vineyard characteristic at Wedgetail we employed a minimalist approach to wine making, which means less interference that leads to less additives, less pumping and filtering. The purity of the fruit is blended for an absolute delectation.

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