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Cellar Door – Open Days

Our Cellar Door will be open Sunday the 4th March 12noon – 5pm – we look forward to seeing you then.  March is harvest time, not only for grapes but for most fruits in Victoria, not to mentioned the vegie gardens imploding with big ripe tomatoes, zucchinis, corn & cucumbers. A time of high energy and reward for most farmers, except for the ones who have been dealt a blow by nature whether by hail, rain or frost. At Wedgetail this year we have manage to stay out of trouble and the vines have put on a great show of generous and juicy looking bunches, a rewarding and blissful sight.

The special wine of the month will take us back five years in time to 2013, we have a dozen or so boxes of Pinot Noir that have been perfectly cellared for your convenience. Needless to say this Pinot Noir has reach perfect maturity to be enjoyed by the most discerning wine drinkers. In fact this 2013 Pinot is currently on the wine list of the Flower Drum in Melbourne and Otto restaurant in Sydney.

For our mailing list friends, we our offering you the rare opportunity to purchase this pinot for $384.00 a dozen (RRP $528.00). This offer will close on Monday 5th March.

You are invited to come and celebrate this wonderful time with us on Sunday 4th of March at the cellar door and Greenleaf catering will join us with a Pop Up restaurant and an exciting harvest menu.

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Since most of the wine making start’s in the vineyard, in was imperative to choose a site that would offer as much complexity and diversity as possible. Single vineyard wines are more at the mercy to their terroire than regional blend. To preserve the single vineyard characteristic at Wedgetail we employed a minimalist approach to wine making, which means less interference that leads to less additives, less pumping and filtering. The purity of the fruit is blended for an absolute delectation.

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