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Cellar Door hours – first Sunday of the Month 12 noon – 5pm

As restrictions have lifted we will be open for the Sunday 1st August 12 – 5pm

July Wedge-Tales.  Already I feel that the days are getting longer, even if it’s only seven days since the shortest days of the year. Pruning of the vines, our major job in winter, is halfway done and on schedule to be finish by the end of July. The rain as been plentiful this month 95mm, our wettest June since I have been recording rain fall, that is for the last twenty five years. And Yes the dam is now full. The pattern shows that July is usually drier than June.

Since not everyone as the luxury of a cellar or the patience to create one, I have decided to offer you this month three pinot noir that have been cellared to near perfection.  The July Special is a 6 pack comprising of 2 of each of these wines; 2x 2013 SV Pinot, 2x 2016 SV Pinot and 2x 2017 SV Pinot.

2013 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, a wine that still amazes me with it’s freshness and good structure.

2016 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, a great vintage, classic Wedgetail style, with sort after generous platte.

2017 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, another excellent vintage, more for the quality than the quantity. This wine has a generous but soft mouth feel, a vey pleasant wine a real diplomat for grand occasions if I may add.

The July Special $180.00 RRP ($264.00)

Cellar Door will be open this Sunday1st August from 12 – 5pm with the famous Wedgetail Cheese platter available.     I look forward to welcoming you then.

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Since most of the wine making start’s in the vineyard, in was imperative to choose a site that would offer as much complexity and diversity as possible. Single vineyard wines are more at the mercy to their terroire than regional blend. To preserve the single vineyard characteristic at Wedgetail we employed a minimalist approach to wine making, which means less interference that leads to less additives, less pumping and filtering. The purity of the fruit is blended for an absolute delectation.

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