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Cellar Door – Open Days

May 2020

Due to government regulations, the Winery Cellar Door can be open for take away wine only, no food or tastings available.  It’s a good opportunity for a drive in the country with out too many people around, you are welcome to walk in the vineyard and smell the last roses of the season.

May News Letter   North Face 2013 & 2015 Special Dozen

May it go away so that you can come and visit and taste and eat and drink. Until that time you are welcome to pick up wine at Wedgetail, just lets us know that you are on your way.

Like many people we have been busy baking, planting winter veggies, reading, cooking and a little drinking of course. So far so good as the optimistic would say. To help you stay on course we are doing our bit in offering you this special almost at cost price.

It’s an exciting combo of two North Face vintages, the 2013 and 2015. The North Face as many of you will know is a blend of estate grown cabernet sauvignon & merlot & a touch of shiraz, & stored in the Wedgetail underground cellar for several years. Now ready for your fine palate. The wines are generous and well balance with lovely red berries and autumn characters all hand crafted with love and zealous attention.

An offer you can’t refuse!

Six bottle of each to make a dozen at a ridiculous price of $250.

That’s a saving of $182.

You can of course order your wine on line as usual, even if you live in the neighbourhood and it will be delivered.  We do understand the principle of isolation. (I’ve been practicing it for twenty-five years.)

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Since most of the wine making start’s in the vineyard, in was imperative to choose a site that would offer as much complexity and diversity as possible. Single vineyard wines are more at the mercy to their terroire than regional blend. To preserve the single vineyard characteristic at Wedgetail we employed a minimalist approach to wine making, which means less interference that leads to less additives, less pumping and filtering. The purity of the fruit is blended for an absolute delectation.

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